Connecting Inclusive Responsive Communities Leading Education

The CIRCLE Organization is a multifaceted, small yet mighty 501(c)3 organization based in Denver, Colorado that works with young people, schools, and other organizations to address systemic inequity and interpersonal inclusiveness. We believe in a world where learners and leaders take action to create brave, prideful, and inclusive communities, through a universal approach of respect, love, and hope for the future. Read More

Multi-Generational Learning

CIRCLE Cultural Café of Belonging

Date: March 4, 2023

Time: Day Experience.

Location: St. Elizabeth's School

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Youth Leadership Development

Summer Camps, Fall Conference, Year-Round Student Council

Dates: STAMP Fall Conference October, 6th 2023

Location: All Around Denver

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Transformational Consulting

Developing Inclusive, Responsive Communities

Dates: Ongoing Support and Workshop Offerings

Location: Wherever you need us, we offer virtual and in-person facilitation

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