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Georg Hill

Favorite Quote::    "You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom"    - Malcolm X

Georg Hill is the Founder and President of Georg Hill Artist Management where he represents clients in the entertainment industry. In addition, He is a member of several committees and boards that are aligned with diversity and inclusiveness. Georg serves as Co-Chair of Multiculturalism with Stanley British Primary School and maintains his active membership with the NAACP. His belief is that the world we live in should be inclusive for all.

Why CIRCLE?      My Why as it relates to CIRCLE is grounded in the premise of the importance of creating a world where my children are extensions of who I am and when they see me doing work as it relates to social justice and inclusiveness, they understand the importance of service.

Favorite book related to inclusiveness:      Destiny by TD Jakes. The book explores what drives one to fulfill their dreams and expresses how for one to succeed they need to understand the point of view of others who are not in their immediate landscape. The book stresses the importance of walking in another's path to understand their journey.

Personal Theme Song:     “The Greatest Love of All” Whitney Houston - This song speaks to the soul. You have to learn and love yourself so that you can spread that love to others.

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