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Dena Harry Saleh

Favorite Quote:    "People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them."     - James A. Baldwin

Dena Harry Saleh is a genderqueer Palestinian-American who was born in Denver but spent nine formative years in New York City. Dena loves music, art, and pulling back the curtain to dialogue with folks of all ages the systems of the world. Dena is currently the Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, and teaches Social Justice Studies, both at St. Elizabeth's School in Denver.

Why CIRCLE?     I love CIRCLE because those who can change the world will band together through education to do it. And if we are honoring all our differences while earnestly envisioning and acting for change, then our dreams will be made into reality born from love and mutual respect.

Favorite book related to inclusiveness:     Pedagogy of the Oppressed, by Paulo Freire, because he envisioned a liberatory education, an education for the people, based on love. He saw education as empowerment, not indoctrination, and this is a truly radical concept given our current educational policies and practices.

Personal Theme Song:     "Express Yourself" by Charles Wright, because when we love what we are doing, there is no ego, there is no time. There's love of others and love for what we are doing, and we transcend ourselves to a more joyful way of being.


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