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Daniel Escalante

Favorite Quote::     “If you’ve come here to help me, you’re wasting your time. If you’ve come because your liberation is bound up with mine, we can work together”    - Lila Watson

Daniel Escalante is an experienced trainer and group facilitator. His focus is on staff development, strategic planning, inclusiveness, community organizing and multicultural leadership. As an inclusiveness trainer he has provided training and consultation to numerous Denver Metro area non-profits. Local municipalities, non-profit organizations, schools and grass-roots groups have contracted with him to provide a variety of training for staff, board members, faculty, students, and parents. Daniel has presented workshops at state and national conferences, focusing on Multicultural Leadership for Youth and Adults, Conflict Management, Gay/Straight Alliances, Anti-Oppression, What it Means to Be an Ally, and Community Organizing. Currently he lives and works at the Casa Taos Retreat Center in Taos, New Mexico.

Why CIRCLE?     After refusing induction into the army in 1969, I began service to my community. My lawyers told me that they would defend me for free but only if I returned to continue my service in the community. That was not a hard promise for me to make. Along the way I’ve made other promises to many young people who have experienced oppression. I promised them to continue to be an advocate and ally for them. The work continues. It’s now become a very meaningful way of life. CIRCLE gives me another way to fulfill my service to community

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