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David Lopez

Favorite Quote:     "The most wonderful thing about life is that you can always begin again. No matter what ups and downs you are handed in life today, you can always begin again tomorrow."     -Raiza Mendoza

David Lopez is focused on community engagement and engaging youth to serve their community. David is currently attending the University of Colorado at Denver, pursuing a degree in History with a secondary education teaching license. David currently works at Urban Land Conservancy. Before working at ULC, David was an intern with The Denver Foundation in the Philanthropic Partnership department. He worked on the Boys and Men of Color initiative and was the main point of contact for other interns in the nonprofit sector.
While he is not busy with community work, David enjoys rooting for his favorite team every Sunday, the Denver Broncos, and being with friends and family.

Why CIRCLE?     My career, passion and drive is to give youth a voice, leadership skills and an education on issues of everyday life. From my own experiences as a Mexican male, I hope to be a leader to the future leaders of, not only the community, but the world.

Favorite book related to inclusiveness:     One that really interests me is, Some Of My Best Friends Are Black, by Tanner Colby. The reason is because I love history and this book tells the transitions of America during the Civil Rights Movements and the inclusion of African Americans into society.

Personal Theme Song:     My favorite era in American History is the Vietnam War era, the 60's. Music from that time was controversial and revolutionary. Every time I hear "Fortunate Son," by Creedence Clearwater Revival, I get chills and it motivates me to make a difference and fight, just like the young adults in that era fighting for rights and their country. You can say that is my theme song.

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